Chinese Herbal Medicine
involves the use of combinations
of plants and minerals. Indeed, because of its richness and variety, the spectrum of its functions is extremely wide...

is a therapy where very fine needles are inserted into various points along the meridians to regulate the flow of vital energy and to restore any imbalance within the body...

Therapeutic Massage
is a therapy that finger and palm pressure is applied, using a wide range of techniques to selected points. This can be either relaxing
or stimulation...

Professor Shulan Tang

Professor Shulan Tang started studying Chinese Medicine at the age of 16. She trained for 8 years in the two most prestigious universities in China: Bachelor Degree attained in 1984 at Nanjing TCM University and her Masters in Chinese Medicine at Beijing TCM University in 1987.

Head Physician at South East University hospital was her next role until she came to practise in the UK in 1991. Since then she has been practising in Manchester, and lecturing extensively in the UK and Europe.

Receiving her Professorship from Nanjing TCM University, Shulan also is one of the few members of the renowned World Federation of Chinese Medicine specialising in Gynocology.

Shulan has a wealth of experience in treating the common conditions listed below. She shares her knowledge with other practitioners throughout the UK and Europe, in creating prescriptions for them and offering professional

She is a fellow member of the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine and Academic Executive of the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and member of the British Acupuncture Council

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